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History & Mission

The Beginning

In September of 1975, a group of 15 women all sharing the bond of being the mother of twins, founded the West Chester Area Twins Club. It is with much thanks and appreciation that we honor our founders: Pat Babson, Elaine Benke, Ida Evans, Marsha Gasser, Eillen Gilmore, Ellen Hanna, Linda Harvey, Barbra Hinderling, Ruth Jensen, Kathy Kolkjen, Judy Lockington, Kitty Mackey, Linda Moyer, Thelma Smith, and Carol Sonnenberg.

CCMOMC Mission

  1. To promote a feeling of fellowinship among mothers of multiples

  2. To support medical research

  3. To focus attention on solutions to those problems specifically relating to multiple births

  4. To help families deal with the challenges of raising multiples through support of fellow members

Throughout our club's history we have always shared the link of being the parents of multiples. Friendship and support from other mothers who share a similar situation has been and will continue to be the cornerstone of what the Chester County Mothers of Multiples is all about.

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