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Sky's the Limit Playground

​Sky’s the Limit All-Abilities Playground is a handicapped-accessible playground that was spearheaded by CCMOMC. This project was by far and away the largest community service project we had ever taken on. Through the efforts of dedicated club members, CCMOMC held 5Ks, auctions, and other fundraisers and solicited corporate sponsors and grants to raise the more than $375,000 needed. Three years after efforts began to build this one of a kind 11,000-square-foot playground, we held a community build with more than 400 volunteers during the weekend of September 18,19, and 20, 2004. 

The idea came to light as one of our members was trying to find an activity for her identical twin girls to enjoy together. One of her daughters was fully able and the other was in a wheelchair. When invited to go to a playground she simply said, “Wheelchairs and mulch don’t mix.” She did not want one daughter waiting on the sidelines while the other played. It was at that time that we thought, “Who better than fellow moms of multiples to come up with a solution?” Being parents of multiples, we are more aware of the occasional physical and developmental delays that sometimes come with being born prematurely.

Sky’s the Limit is the first public playground built in Chester County that meets the ADA guidelines for 100 percent accessibility. Care was taken to insure that children and adults with disabilities of all kinds would be able to fully enjoy the playground together. Special equipment blends into the standard equipment so that all children can play side-by-side regardless of physical or developmental disabilities.

Some of the special features of Sky’s the Limit are smooth, shock-absorbent safety flooring, ramped play structures, wheelchair transfer stations, abundant ground-level play opportunities, auditory play panels, Braille, and special-needs swings. All of the traditional climbing, swinging, and rocking activities are also provided.

The playground is completely fenced and includes many benches surrounding the area. It is close to a picnic pavilion and drinking fountain, and a short walk from bathrooms that are open seasonally.

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